About Me

I don’t know how to cook, but I sure do know how to play with my food! I would love to share my experiences here with you. Here is a brief synopsis of my life, centered around food.

I grew up in a house where no one really cooked, at least for most of my childhood. This was due to two reasons: 1. My mom raised my sister and me on her own, and 2. We were a swim family. Individually, either of these limits time spent in the kitchen, so imagine what the combination was like! Even though there wasn’t much time for cooking, my mom and my athletic background instilled in me the need to make healthy choices. When I was 15, I was diagnosed with MODY diabetes, and without much knowledge of other options, was treated as a Type 1 patient. I am extremely lucky and have had very few complications and have maintained low blood sugar levels through training for swimming, marathons, and triathlons, as well as eating healthy!

In college I began cooking because I wanted to eat healthier, but also because I love feeding people! My college roommate and friends will tell you I always tried to feed them, and it was often “experimental.” During graduate school, the experimenting continued. I began reading cookbooks and blogs about cooking whenever I could, and while many talented people out there have created many awesome recipes, I can rarely bring myself to follow them exactly.  Call it kitchen ADD. My experimentation was all well and good until May of 2012, when I started getting terrible stomach cramps.

Being pretty well versed in gluten allergies from blogs and stories of friends who were diagnosed, it only took me about 3 weeks to figure out that I was having a problem with gluten. I woke up one beautiful Sunday morning, a little hung over and ready to grill up some lunch. Before I ate anything else, I cracked a Corona (hey, I was out of Champagne… practically the same thing!), drank about half of it, and then I knew. I had a gluten allergy. I can’t really tell you why at that moment I knew. My stomach was hurting the same way it had been for weeks before. Go ahead and feel terribly bad for me. The last regular beer I ingested was a Corona. I know, it is tragic.

But hey, they make gluten free beer now! And it is good! And my boyfriend is going to brew me one soon! And cooking without gluten is a challenge and an adventure! Plus, in the last 6 months I have lowered my A1C to a “non-diabetic” level, discovered a love for red wine and corn tortillas, and moved across the country. Well, that last part doesn’t have much to do with my gluten allergy, but it sure has been fun.

Please feel free to leave me comments and suggestions! I hope to learn much while writing this blog.

Thanks for reading!


(Picture coming soon)


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